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Research at the AVMC

"Good science comes first from observation" - Chris Day June 2006

The practical application of natural medicines is supported by research work, particularly research in homeopathy, which can demonstrate effectiveness over a wide field of animal situations. It is often said of Natural Medicine (and of Homeopathy in particular), that it is not supported by scientific evidence. Although it must be admitted that there is not a large volume of published research work on record, mostly as a result of the lack of financial incentive and reward, there is most certainly not a lack of good scientific research evidence and of rigorous observation and data collection. Much has been made of 'evidence-based medicine', of late. Homeopathy has a distinct and clear evidence base, through a massive amount of clinical data.

Modern scientific customs dictate a certain type of experiment, to prove a procedure. Judged by these criteria, modern medicine has, by the admission of the BMA, about an 15% evidence base.

If you wish to make a donation or to make provision in your will, to help research in natural medicine, please contact the office (contact details).

In the interests of transparency, we have also uploaded the results of ongoing case outcome monitoring, for interest. Click the link: Outcome Study.

N.B.: This study includes only cats, dogs and horses.

At the AVMC, we have performed much clinical research into homeopathy and its efficacy, in dogs, cats, horses, cattle and pigs, with far-reaching consequences. More is under way.

‘Experimentation’ on animals and ‘laboratory animal’ work (vivisection) are against the principles and ethics of the AVMC, since it is a veterinary surgeon’s sworn endeavour (oath) to do the utmost for the welfare of any animal put under his or her care. We cannot support laboratory animal procedures. For this reason, we only work in clinical situations, devising non-invasive and real-life research, designed around the necessary care of the animals. We also conduct observation and outcome studies, from real life. This principle necessarily imposes restrictions on the scope of research, which we feel is an acceptable penalty in exchange for the animal welfare benefits gained thereby.

Mastitis in cows 1 Mastitis in cows 2 Stillbirths in pigs
Kennel cough in dogs Birth difficulties in cattle Growth rates in calves

and: General discussion paper on homeopathic research methodology, which is intended to inform those who would embark upon a homeopathic research project.

Other clinical research projects are planned, for example FIV in cats, ‘cat flu’, kennel cough in dogs (larger study), saddling in horses, navicular disease and further bovine mastitis studies.

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The AVMC is actively involved in clinical research. We cannot support laboratory animal research (vivisection) on scientific and ethical grounds.

White-nose Syndrome in bats - we are currently offering help in researching methods of control of this devastating disease. (click)

See also: Prejudice

See also:

We cannot support: animal experiments - vivisection - laboratory animals - laboratory animal experiments - laboratory animal procedures - animal procedures - animal experimentation - laboratory animal experimentation

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