The Red Squirrel is a declining species in the UK, mainly owing to the spread of the Grey Squirrel. Now there's a further threat.

"Squirrel pox is said to have been carried over the border by grey squirrels migrating north from Cumbria.

Red squirrels with the virus will suffer skin ulcers, lesions and scabs, with swelling and discharge around the eyes, mouth, feet and genitals.

Grey squirrels are seldom harmed by the virus, but red squirrels have no immunity and usually die within 15 days.

Scientists say it is the first evidence of squirrel pox virus in southern Scotland and has serious implications for the endangered red squirrel population."

This is an obvious field for homeopathic medication for prevention (homeoprophylaxis), if a way could be found of administering it reliably.

We are willing to discuss this with any interested party and are willing to offer free veterinary treatment to try to prevent the spread of this disease. If successful, such a programme would enable the indigenous population to develop resistance / immunity. While it is not a clear relationship, for simplicity of explanation, the methodology could be likened to vaccination.

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