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Q. Do you recommend Pet Passports?

A. For travel abroad and return to the UK, a pet passport is a legal requirement. However, because there are potential dangers associated with the vaccination and chemical regimens imposed under the Scheme and because there is no legitimate way around the law, we are unable to recommend that a pet should be travelled in this way. In our opinion, the health risks are too great.

Q. Are any individuals more susceptible than others?

A. There is inevitably variable sensitivity to the procedures used. However, vaccine manufacturers specify that ‘only healthy dogs should be vaccinated' or ‘only healthy cats should be vaccinated'. Many cats and dogs with some form of chronic disease are subjected to this procedure, despite this warning in the data sheet of vaccine products.

Q. Is any component of the vaccination and chemical regime particularly dangerous?

A. We believe there is a risk with all the agents used, not least because they are given according to paper regulations, not according to need or to particular individual sensitivities and responses. However, we are forming the subjective opinion that Rabies vaccination is particularly challenging.

Q. Do you have an antidote to the chemicals and vaccines used?

A. If it is considered essential to travel a pet, we recommend and can supply a homeopathic ‘buffer' in an attempt to protect the immune system to an extent from the vaccine challenge. We can also try to help the body to cope with the legally required chemicals used (contact details).

Q. Is it safe?

A. No, we are unable to pronounce the Pet Passport Scheme as safe for your pet. While the assertion that vaccination can be harmful is generally not well-received and often dismissed, there is a disease acknowledged to result from a specific vaccine: Rabies Vaccine Induced Ischaemic Dermatopathy. If one such disease can be accepted, it should not be difficult to open one's mind to the possibility of more.

Q. Are there alternatives?

A. The Pet Passport is a legal requirement for pets that travel to and from the UK, which we are sadly unable to circumvent, even with specific nosodes.

See also: Pet_Passports.htm

If you have questions not answered here, please let us know (contact details)

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