AVMC Welfare

Animal Welfare at the AVMC

Since a veterinary surgeon’s sworn vocation is to do the utmost to support the welfare of animals committed to his care, Mr Day actively campaigns and works in many ongoing animal welfare situations, supporting organisations which share his welfare philosophy.

The AVMC also ‘rescues’ and ‘rehabilitates’ a limited number of horses (numbers limited owing to small acreage), who can be cured of their problems but whose humans feel unable to carry out the necessary care themselves.

The AVMC has provided medication, free of charge, to help orphan elephants in Africa and other deserving creatures. We have offered medical help in health and welfare crises, e.g. seals, tigers, koalas, red squirrels. We have lobbied for animal welfare gains, in many areas of animal suffering.

The AVMC does not charge fees for attending to sick or injured wild animals.

The AVMC is conducting objective analysis of clinical outcomes from cases seen. These results are being updated on an ongoing basis. To view them, click here.

Recent issues which have occupied AVMC much time and energy are fur-trapping, live exports for slaughter, the slaughter of heavily pregnant cows, the 2001 Foot & Mouth outbreak, Freedom Foods, animal experimentation, animal testing of products, primate laboratories (e.g. Oxford and Cambridge Universities), ivory trade, tropical bird importation, donkey welfare and the latest Avian Influenza crisis in Norfolk.

At the AVMC and in our home, we avoid products that have involved experimentation on animals. We discuss that issue very vigorously with companies who perform or who support animal experimentation.

We lobby for all animal experimenting charities and those that fund animal experiments to declare this fact on all their literature and collecting points. We ask that all their collectors and fund-raisers should be clearly and explicitly informed of the practice. If these organisations are not ashamed of the activity, why not let the public know? What can be wrong with transparent and fair dealing?

We encourage contact from organisations, who need expert veterinary input on animal welfare issues. We encourage comment from anyone who sees apparent inconsistency in our work, so that we can strive for improvement. No one is perfect.

There are numerous articles on welfare issues, elsewhere in this site.

Of course, because of the additional welfare benefit that homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs and integrated medicine offer to patients, it is largely animal welfare considerations that drive us to learn and to offer natural medicine in our practice.