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Referrals for Holistic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment, Acupuncture Treatment, Herbal Treatment, Chiropractic Treatment etc.

See also: Holistic Medicine & Holistic Vet

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Q. How do I obtain a referral?

A. The veterinary profession is very used to using specialist input for particular problems. Just ask your vet. Many vets ring us, write to us, send a case history or even just supply a covering note. We do not wish to impose extra burden upon your busy vet, so we take cases on, however, your vet likes to send them. Sometimes we receive paperwork in the post, sometimes by fax, sometimes by hand, with you. An appointment provisional upon receiving veterinary information can be arranged by ringing the office. This is to save you slipping down the waiting list (contact details).

Q. Do you write back to my vet?

A. Yes, we send a letter outlining our treatment and giving details of how this integrates with conventional medicine.

Q. Can I see you without veterinary contact?

A. This is not advisable, since your vet needs to be in the know about what is happening and we need to know veterinary history, results of tests, etc.

Q. What sort of cost can I expect?

A. It is always difficult to compare costs across different treatments but, in general, successful treatments are very cost-effective. The AVMC‘s charges are usually time-based; detailed estimates of cost can be requested from our office (contact details). While the first consultation can be lengthy, overall costs for a case have usually turned out to be quite cheap, relative to many conventional options. Holistic practice inevitably requires a greater expenditure of time, however, when first meeting the patient.

Q. Will my insurance pay?

A. Most insurance policies allow for holistic medicine to be used on your animal, especially if you have been referred by your own vet. However, some companies will try to marginalise it under ‘complimentary or alternative treatments'. This can result in reduced benefit. This appears to the AVMC to be a travesty, since the treatment is performed by a vet and should be handled under general veterinary cover.

Q. Do you ask us to stop current drug treatment?

A. No, we never ask someone to stop a treatment that may be bringing benefit or relief. However, further into treatment, you may find that your animal can cope without drugs.

Q. Does your treatment interact with conventional medicine?

A. No, there is no mechanism by which homeopathy or acupuncture can interfere with, counteract, summate with or adversely affect drug treatments. Herbal medicine and Aromatherapy require more care in that they can summate or interfere, if not designed to be compatible.

Q. What if my vet resists contacting you?

A. For some reason, some vets are very resistant to the use of homeopathy and other alternatives. This is possibly an insecurity issue but it is against Royal College guidelines (see Prejudice) and is unprofessional to obstruct a referral. Many practices are very cooperative. We never usurp a previous vet, nor undermine a current treatment. Our treatments cannot interfere or adversely react with conventional drug treatments. All our treatments are carried out by a fully qualified vet. Since patient welfare has to be the prime concern of all involved, if results have not been achieved via the conventional route, there appears to be no logical or ethical objection to trying alternatives.

N.B.: Similar provisions to the foregoing apply to postal treatments or to video consultations, whether in the UK or from abroad.

See also: Holistic Medicine & Holistic Vet

If you have questions not answered here, please let us know (contact details).

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Main Treatments offered by AVMC (see Therapies):

  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Herbal treatment (Phytotherapy)
  • Aromatherapy treatment
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Nutritional advice – Feeding advice
  • LASER treatment
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Back manipulation – Back treatment
  • Bach Flowers
  • Holistic medicine – Holistic veterinary medicine
  • Flower Essences
  • Tissue Salts
  • Holistic therapy – Holistic treatment – Holistic care
  • Holistic advice
  • Natural medicine – Alternative medicine – complimentary medicine
  • CAM – CAVM
  • Natural Feeding – Natural Diet
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