Academic Services Offered

We have a strong academic tradition, having acted as supervisor in veterinary anatomy and veterinary physiology for several Cambridge colleges, during our time up at Cambridge, having acted as Tutor for the Open University, having trained in Instructional Techniques (under the Agricultural Training Board) and having been tutored in examination writing and techniques.


We have been Veterinary Dean for the Faculty of Homeopathy since 1988, in which capacity he has devised courses and curricula, written examinations, conducted examinations and devised standards for teachers, for examiners and for courses. We have served on the Academic Board of the Faculty of Homeopathy and the Education Sub-Committee of the International Association for Veterinary Homoeopathy (IAVH). We helped devise the standards for the IAVH education and examination program.


We have acted as External Assessor for the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS)/Association for British Veterinary Acupuncturists (ABVA) courses at Exeter University.

Animal Chiropractic

We have been External Examiner for the McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA).

We are willing to offer advice and assistance on academic matters to organisations that may require assistance, on any subject in which he has the necessary expertise. At the time of writing, this would be in one or other area of holistic veterinary medicine or integrated medicine. This service, as with all AVMC services, is entirely confidential.

We are a renowned holistic vet, natural vet, homeopathic vet, acupuncture vet and herbal vet, with over 40 years of experience in the field, having been providing integrated veterinary medicine since 1972.