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Electronic mail (N.B.: It is preferred and obtains more rapid, reliable and dedicated service, if you contact us via the office, on fax or telephone, as above. Please do not send urgent requests for help, consultations or visits or report on ongoing cases, via e-mail. The office does not have access to e-mail and emails may not be monitored daily, so serious delays may be incurred.)

We receive many emails seeking advice. We reserve the right to make a charge for time spent on these, depending upon the nature of the enquiry and the time taken. Discretion is exercised. Of course, enquiries about our services would not incur a charge.


Appointments can be made, using the above telephone number. Most cases will require a ‘referral’ from your own vet. In order to save loss of a place on our waiting list, we do make ‘provisional’ appointments, subject to receipt of that referral. It is important to bring to the appointment all papers relating to the patient and his or her complaint. Any case notes, laboratory results, specialists’ reports, X-Rays etc. are helpful. Recent photographs of the patient and photograph(s) of the lesion (if relevant) are also appreciated.

Time: We obviously appreciate it if you are able to time your journey to arrive a little in advance of your appointment. We then have time to complete some preliminary formalities, prior to the appointment. We hope to run to time and do our best to do so. However, giving each and every patient what time is needed is our top priority. We apologise to you in advance, if you are kept waiting. (See also: The Work)


In order to arrange a visit, for the first time, we shall need to take some details from you and obtain clear directions. We then add your name and location to our list. The shape of the travelling ‘round’ and the actual timing of the visit are usually arranged towards the end of the week preceding the visit. We make contact with your own veterinary surgeon, prior to the visit.

Time: We give you a band of time during which Mr Day expects to arrive. This time span is designed to allow for vagaries of traffic and to allow each patient on a round sufficient time. We hope to run to time and do our best to do so. However, giving each and every patient what time is needed is our top priority. We apologise to you if you are kept waiting on the day and will do our best to notify you in advance if we know we are running late. (See also: The Work)

Video Link (on-line consultations)

Please visit the dedicated video link page for details of this service.

Our office hours are:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays: 09.00 – 17.00 (except bank holidays)

Tuesdays: 09.00 – 13.00


N.B.: We sincerely apologise to those of you who have tried to make contact via the old Globalnet e-mail address. That e-mail address had to be abandoned in 2004, as a result of seemingly malicious spamming. Please scrub that address from your records. It has only just come to our notice that this was not well-notified at the time. If there is outstanding business, please make contact again, via the above address.

The same apology applies to those who have not received answers from our website, during the years it was ‘down'.

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