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At the Alternative Vet (AVMC), we use veterinary homeopathy, veterinary acupuncture, veterinary herbal medicine (veterinary herbalism, herbs) and other natural and alternative therapies, for all species. This includes holistic care for horses, ponies, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and others), offering an approach that is alternative to the conventional one. These therapies are integrated for optimum effect.

HOLISTIC VET: We treat all species and classes of animal, in a caring and holistic manner with an integrated program of therapies. An animal’s value is not in its pedigree but in its being. We humans do not ‘own' animals, we share our lives with them. They are our fellow creatures, not our chattels. We also believe that with a sincere love of and respect for Nature vet work should be environmentally friendly.

Since each animal species is different and brings its own unique issues and considerations, we have prepared pages to illustrate what can and, in our opinion should, be done for each. Each is considered in its unique context, taking into account its evolutionary development and natural niche, providing insights into optimal management, care and feeding. This holistic approach, looking into diet, lifestyle, environment etc., provides a welfare bonus, in addition to its direct health benefits. We then offer an integrated treatment program.

‘Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind.' Genesis 1.24

One-stop service for veterinary homeopathy, veterinary acupuncture, veterinary herbs, veterinary chiropractic, LASER therapy and other natural therapies, for all species.

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The AVMC is conducting objective analysis of clinical outcomes from cases seen. These results are being updated on an ongoing basis. To view them, click here.

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We have a special interest in back problems and back treatment, in all species (see chiropractic and www.chiropractic-vet.co.uk).

Main Treatments offered (see Therapies):

  • Homeopathic treatment – Veterinary Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture treatment – Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Herbal treatment – Veterinary Phytotherapy
  • Aromatherapy treatment – Veterinary Aromatherapy
  • Chiropractic treatment – Veterinary Chiropractic
  • Nutritional advice – Feeding advice
  • LASER treatment – LASER Therapy
  • Ultrasound treatment – Ultrasound Therapy
  • Back manipulation – Back treatment
  • Bach Flowers
  • Holistic medicine – Holistic veterinary medicine
  • Flower Essences
  • Tissue Salts
  • Holistic therapy – Holistic treatment – Holistic care
  • Holistic advice
  • Anthroposophical medicines
  • Natural medicine – Alternative medicine – complimentary medicine
  • CAM – CAVM
  • Integrated Medicine – Integrative medicine
  • Natural Feeding – Natural Diet

We have a deep respect for Nature and we work with Nature

These approaches represent a philosophy that is alternative to the current conventional norm of veterinary care but the use of alternative therapies does not do away with the need for a thorough examination and assessment. Nor does it preclude the use of modern diagnostic techniques where necessary. A holistic vet will take into account all these things, in addition to closely scrutinizing lifestyle, diet, environment, riding, tack, shoeing, grazing, stabling, management etc., depending upon the species. We avoid box rest for horses (click), wherever possible, because of its ill effects on the horse.

At the AVMC, we try not to be ‘bogged down' by terminology or ideology. Much argument accompanies discussions on nomenclature. We do not mind whether we are called holistic, complimentary, alternative or natural. Likewise, it does not matter whether we are described as a holistic, natural, herbal, homeopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture or integrated veterinary practice. The medicine we practice is the best we can offer, for each patient of whatever species and it matters not whether it is perceived as holistic medicine, alternative medicine, complimentary medicine, natural medicine, complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM – CAVM) or integrated medicine. We offer traditional standards of professional care, in an integrated package.

Chris D, holistic vet, natural vet, herb vet, acupuncture vet, homeopathic vet and chiropractic vet was introduced to homeopathy and holistic methodology during his childhood and has been in practice for 40 years, placing him now among the most experienced holistic veterinarians. He uses herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic and other therapeutic methodologies, in an integrated service, in his quest for patient health and welfare.

As herb vet / herbal vet, We use traditional Western Herbs, which naturally form the indigenous plant medicine of his patients. As homeopathic vet, we use many different homeopathic methodologies, not being confined by any single doctrine. As acupuncture vet, we use needling, LASER stimulation, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture and acupressure as methods of acupuncture-point-stimulation. As chiropractic vet, we examine every patient for correct skeletal alignment and offers chiropractic manipulation for those that require it. As holistic vet, we integrate these therapies, as needed and advises natural, species-suitable feeding.

Holistic VetHomeopathic VetAcupuncture VetHerbal VetChiropractic VetNatural FeedingAlternative Vetcomplimentary VetNatural VetIntegrated Medicine

Some of the conditions that we are asked to treat: abscess, AIHA, allergy, allergies, arthritis, aspergillosis, Aspergillus, asthma, atopy, autoimmune, auto immune, back, back problems, backs, campylobacter, cancer, cardiomyopathy, CDRM, CHF, Chlamydia, colitis, COPD, CRF, corneal ulcer, cruciate ligament, Cushings syndrome, cystitis, diarrhoea, disc, DJD, dry eye, ear problems, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, epulis, ERU, FUS, grass sickness, headshaking, head shaking, hip dysplasia, histiocytoma, hot spots, IBD, IBS, incontinence, injury, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, kidney disease, lameness, laminitis, lymphoma, mast cell tumour, mastitis, moonblindness, navicular, new forest eye, OCD, ophthalmia, paralysis, pyoderma, RAO, recurrent uveitis, renal failure, ringworm, Salmonella, Salmonellosis, sarcoids, skin, skin disease, spavin, spine, spinal problems, spondylitis, spondylosis, suspensory injury, tendon injury, tendon, ligament, ulcers, urological syndrome, urticaria, uveitis, vaccination problems, vaccine, vaccination, vaccinosis, warts, Westie lung disease, wobbler syndrome, wobbler, wounds not healing.

We are also well used to dealing with farm problems, whether from infectious or other diseases.

We treat these with various integrated permutations of holistic and natural therapies (homeopathic, herbal, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutritional etc.).

All are treated with Natural / Alternative / Holistic / complimentary / Integrated Therapy.

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