Horse Rescue Work

Rescue Horses

The AVMC has ‘rescued’ and ‘rehabilitated’ a number of horses, down the years. We currently have two under our care. Time has robbed us of some of our ‘oldies'.

Sadly, stabling and acreage are limited, so we are unable to act as a ‘retirement home’ or to rescue horses ‘on demand’. The ones that we have helped in this way are all ex-patients, for whom the prognosis was bad and they were to be put down. Many recovered to be fit and well, although some have since come to the end of their earthly time.

Current and former inmates:

  • Clairon Junior – ex National Hunt racehorse, who ruptured a tendon so badly that his foot was in the air as he walked on the back of his fetlock.
  • Lady – a cob mare who had become more or less unrideable, owing to back problems and ringbone.
  • Gertie – a Welsh Pony mare who suffered bad COPD and laminitis.
  • Millie – a Welsh Pony mare who suffered bad laminitis.
  • Dodger – a New Forest Pony gelding, who suffered severe COPD and arthritis.
  • Ben – a Shetland gelding who suffered severe laminitis.

The animals enjoy a life free from ‘work’ and with plenty of space to roam and graze (and play the fool). They are fed organically, on organic hay and grass. They share the premises with our laying hens, our pigs (Gloucester Old Spots), our two cattle, who just eat and grow huge, our dogs and our cats. They are, however, very costly to keep, requiring full-time staff and rented land, so contributions to their upkeep are never refused.