Medicines Act

The Medicines Act 1968

Under the provisions of the Medicines Act 1968, products with a medical claim can only be marketed under licence, the granting of which depends upon the supply of data on safety, quality and efficacy of that product for its claimed indications

Unfortunately, many herbal, homeopathic and other natural medicine products are being advertised and marketed with implied claims in literature, upon the label or in the name. This appears to be testing the Act to destruction, if no product licence has been granted.

It is not clear why the law is being so loosely interpreted by the authorities as to allow this quasi-legal practice and there appears to be little protection for the consumer or, worse still, for the animal.

While wholeheartedly supporting the use of natural medicines in animals, it stands to reason that the AVMC cannot support such brazen commercialism and clients are advised not to purchase such products.

The Medicines Act 1968 has been updated by:

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