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An Introduction

Navicular disease is a skeletal degenerative disease, affecting the front feet of horses. This condition is often first noticed as an intermittent stumbling problem. There may be slight transient lameness episodes at the outset and there may be difficulty turning tightly. The worse foot is often placed slightly ahead of the other while standing, with the weight being eased off the heel. However, both front feet may be affected. In more advanced cases, the foot hardens and becomes less ‘elastic' and undergoes contraction and chronic shape changes.

In natural medicine, we have been privileged to have treated a great many navicular patients, over the years. In the vast majority of cases, a return to work has proved possible.

We attend to diet, shoeing and saddling. We do not use remedial shoes for this condition, preferring instead to rely on correct foot trimming and balance and medical stimulus to healing.

Treatment options used, often combined and integrated in a full holistic approach, have been veterinary acupuncture, veterinary homeopathy, LASER, chiropractic and natural feeding. The aims are to stimulate and enable skeletal repair, regeneration and remodelling and to remove those factors that may have contributed to the problem and which may obstruct cure.

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