Press Release 1


Website Launched

Alternative Vet goes Live

12 March 2002

The web site of the Alternative Vet is going public during this week. This site will be a source of ethical, impartial and reliable information and opinion, both on alternative therapies for animals and on various welfare and related political issues. The AVMC is not linked with any commercial concern, so comment and advice are frank and without the bias of vested interest. The site is undergoing development, which will be a constant ongoing process, keeping up to date with issues and news.

The principal of the AVMC is Christopher D, a veterinary surgeon of 40 years’ experience, who uses most types of alternative (natural / holistic / complimentary) therapies in his daily work. Mr D is Veterinary Dean to the Faculty of Homeopathy, Hon. Sec. of the British Association of Homœopathic Veterinary Surgeons, twice Past-President of International Association for Veterinary Homœopathy and a Vice President of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine.

He has contributed to television, radio, video, magazine and newspaper items and is used to working within the harsh deadlines of the news media.

He has written numerous books on natural medicine subjects, especially homeopathy. He has contributed to many others, either as co-author or as advisor.

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