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Press Conference – Press Club de France – 8 rue Jean Goujon – Paris 09.00 am 10th April 2002

Christopher D, in his capacity as Vice-President of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (DLRM), will be addressing a breakfast press conference to be held by the Alliance For Responsible Science (AFRS), at the Press Club de France in Paris. The Alliance is formed by similar organisations in Paris, Rome and London.

The organisations forming the Alliance are:

  • Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (DLRM) – London
  • Comité Scientifique Pro Anima (CSPA) – Paris
  • Comitato Scientifico Equivita (CSE)- Rome

Despite the fact that, in 1991, the European Commission recognised pesticides as posing a grave threat to public health, it is nevertheless now obvious that it cannot meet its self-imposed deadline to evaluate the toxicity of all EU-authorised pesticides by the year 2003 (Directive 91/414).

In his interim report of 2002, on the implementation of this directive, Dr Paul L, MEP, stated clearly that “fewer than 5% of the active ingredients of pesticides (i.e. 31 out of 834) have been examined to date” and “by methods criticised by the European Parliament itself.”

The EC is therefore responsible for the continued widespread distribution and use of highly toxic chemicals, which are, based on official mortality figures, the cause of the death of millions of EU citizens.

In view of the above, AFRS calls on the EC to:

  1. Evaluate, without delay, the toxic risk of the 100,000 chemicals in everyday use around us, as the assessment of such risks has so far been ignored.
  2. Evaluate these chemicals, using only the most efficient and scientifically reliable toxicological methods available.
  3. Note that the results, obtained from the standard method of using animal models for human toxic risk assessment, are strictly species-specific and their extrapolation to humans is dangerously misleading.

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Date: 2nd April 2002

The DLRM and the Alliance campaign for the end of animal experimentation, on scientific grounds. The DLRM believes that, not only do animal experiments fail to help the cause of human health, they also actively slow progress and lead to human illness or death.