Press Release 3


Launch of Revised Web Site

The web site of the Alternative Vet has been re-launched this month.

May 2007 — The web site of the AVMC has been re-launched this month. It has been hugely re-vamped, with more information, better navigation and improved material. It is an authoritative source of information on all Alternative Veterinary Medicine topics (complimentary Medicine, Alternative and complimentary Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Natural Medicine) and on animal welfare matters. It contains hard facts, advice, opinion, articles and comment. Needless to say, the opinions expressed in the site are not always ‘party line'.

The site deals with all species of animals, from horses, dogs and cats, through to farm animals, exotic animals and wild animals.

The principal of the AVMC is Christopher D, a veterinary surgeon of 40 years’ experience, who uses most types of alternative (natural / holistic / complimentary) therapies in his daily work. Mr D is Veterinary Dean to the Faculty of Homeopathy, Hon. Sec. of the British Association of Homœopathic Veterinary Surgeons, twice Past-President of International Association for Veterinary Homœopathy and was Vice President of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine.

He has contributed to television, radio, video, magazine and newspaper items and is used to working within the harsh deadlines of the news media.

He has written numerous books on natural medicine subjects, especially homeopathy. He has contributed to many others, either as co-author or as advisor.

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