Press Release 5 FMD


Foot & Mouth Disease

Foot & Mouth Disease has struck again.

4th August 2007 — We shall keep posting articles to Chris D's Blog, in order to keep up with events, offering opinions and information in a way that is not really appropriate for our major web site.

In 2001, Chris Day offered advice and expertise on homeopathic implications for Foot and Mouth Disease. he also offered, at his own expense, a clinical trial that would have very quickly proved whether or not homeopathy could play a role in prevention of spread of this disease. He will again be writing, this weekend to DEFRA, the BVA, the RCVS, the Soil Association and others, on this possibility. Homeopathy should be able, cheaply, quickly and effectively prevent the spread of the disease, without the penalties associated with vaccination and a pilot study to ascertain effectiveness would take only a few days.

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