Referrals by the AVMC

In general, we do not make referrals from here, since that is usually, according to etiquette, the prerogative of the vet who referred a client here. However, should further expertise be deemed necessary, we discuss this with the client and we welcome the involvement of other consultant specialists, in other fields. We discuss this possibility with the original referring vet. Furthermore, it is sometimes beneficial to have a more definitive diagnosis of a situation, to aid us in selecting the appropriate treatment or course of action. At all times, it is the client who has the final say in policy and course of action.

The fields in which referral is more common are orthopaedics, ophthalmology, ultrasonography, X-Radiography, scans of various types, complex surgery, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

N.B.: Because physiotherapy and other manipulation therapies (chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, Bowen etc.), if performed by non-vets, should be only by the specific request of and under the supervision of a veterinary surgeon, the AVMC and Christopher are unable to provide retrospective ‘convenience cover', for therapists who act outside these provisions of the Veterinary Surgeons Act. This policy is not meant to imply any slur or adverse comment on the work of any therapist. It is simply a fact that it is not possible to fulfil our obligations under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, as it currently stands, unless we have expressly recommended that particular therapist and his or her input, before he or she treats a patient and are either able to oversee and supervise treatment or know sufficiently well the work of the individual therapist.