All-weather Surfaces

All-Weather Tracks

A Mixed Blessing

In order to be able to provide accessible areas for vigorous exercise, for sporting horses, whatever the weather conditions, the industry has developed ‘all-weather' surfaces. This does mean that training programs can be continued, whether it is raining or very dry, which can be very useful for maintaining activity and fitness. However, the surfaces generally allow a little too much ‘slip', whatever the weather, resulting in severe muscular tension around the withers and shoulders. This is such a common condition in racehorses, often being called being ‘jarred up', that it is a readily recognisable clinical entity.

It can be very difficult to treat, especially while the horse is still in work, even when using holistic methods like chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs and homeopathy. It appears, in life, that most things provide both benefit and penalty. The two must be weighed up, when making decisions.

As a holistic vet and homeopathic vet, this is one of the many aspects of a working horse's life that I must take into consideration, when examining a patient and evaluating environmental and lifestyle factors.