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Never was a creature so valued by man yet treated with such carelessness down the centuries. We now enjoy an age of enlightenment, in which the horse is given due deference but, sadly, in which there are many pitfalls for those who wish to do their best in care. These pages are intended to draw attention to the main areas in which our care can be improved, with a little more understanding of the subject (click on the required link).

Insurance Understanding Your Horse Feeds Vaccination COPD Moonblindness
Saddling Pasture Management Riding All-Weather Navicular Head-shaking
Shoeing Horse Welfare in UK Travel Bedding Laminitis Kissing Spines
Barefoot Back & Neck Problems Colic Mud Fever Summer Rubber Matting
Sarcoids Autoimmune – Auto-immune Cushings Box Rest Corticosteroid Nosodes
Injury Nutrition as Therapy Teeth Diets Products Nutraceuticals
Cushings Defaecation – Dunging Back Pain Sweet Itch Cancer Yew Poisoning
Transport Setfast / Tying Up Feeding Hoof Care Supplements Stabling

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