Wheelchair access

Access for Wheelchairs at the AVMC

The AVMC is housed in ancient buildings, built long before ever wheelchair access was considered. For this reason, no purpose-made facility exists. However, the doors are sufficiently wide for access and the small threshold steps on the premises are low, so have never given us a problem for those that have visited us in the past.

Everyone on the premises has experience of assisting with doorways. Please make sure there is someone to help you, should you feel you need assistance in moving about the premises. We are always very willing to help and wish to make you feel comfortable.

We generally discourage parking within our yard, except by prior arrangement. If it would be helpful to you to park in the yard, please try to arrange this in advance, so that we can minimise congestion and consequent difficulty.

We also run a Video Consultation Service, for those who may not otherwise be able to reach us, in the interests of enhanced patient welfare and in support of local vets.