Mission Statement

Our Mission

The AVMC was set up in 1987 (25 years ago, in March 2012!), as the first dedicated holistic and alternative medicine veterinary clinic in the UK. We aim to provide full holistic care for each and every patient, whether that is a horse, a household pet or part of a farm herd or flock. We apply the same ethic to more exotic species and to wild animals. We pay due attention to diet and nutrition as therapy, as an essential basis to all good medicine. This is the platform upon which we build health. We integrate the various therapies used, in a full integrated holistic program, seeking optimum healing benefit. We do not shun conventional medicine but find it to be largely unnecessary.

We pride ourselves on having first used all these therapies on ourselves, in appropriate health situations, so that we can say, with a fair degree of certainty, how an animal will receive and perceive each of them. We will not use therapies or techniques that we would not try on ourselves and will not use new techniques until we have tried them on ourselves.

We aim to stimulate the body to perform its own healing, using whichever therapy or integrated combination we consider most likely to achieve this. We strive for optimal balance, function and activity of the whole body and of each of its parts and components in synergy, in harmony both with each other and with the environment.

We work towards Positive Health and believe, ultimately, that the best medicine is no medicine, preferring to apply Preventive Medicine policies wherever possible, rather than relying solely on medication. We endeavour to help and to guide those clients who wish to understand more of the holistic way, in both animal and environmental care and we learn constantly, from those who are happy to share their wisdom with us.

In addition to this direct veterinary care, which is our daily duty, we carry out ethical clinical research, completely without animal experimentation. We rescue animals when facilities allow. We make direct inputs into local, national and international animal welfare issues. We have an environmental policy, which is always under review and we welcome contributions to our philosophy on this and on any other aspect of our work. We work closely with many bodies and organisations, whose aims are compatible and overlap with ours.

We jealously guard our independence from any commercial interest. This frees us to give advice based upon our true opinions, philosophy and beliefs, rather than on potential financial reward.

We set a high standard of professionality and care, having been leading the field or thereabouts for over thirty-five years. We subscribe to and practice by both the Code of Practice published by the Faculty of Homeopathy and the RCVS ‘Guide to Professional Conduct'.

We do not use chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on our premises, garden or fields. We believe that, with a deep respect for Nature, vet practice should seek to exist in harmony with the environment and ecology of our vicinity. We garden our own food according to organic and largely biodynamic principles.

We swear to uphold and to do our best for the welfare of any animal put under our care. In any situation in which there may be potential conflicts of interest, we err on the side of the patient.

We carry out clinical research but vehemently oppose invasive research or laboratory animal experimentation.

Please give us your feedback, to help us to provide the service you seek.