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Natural medicine is generally taken as being synonymous with ‘alternative' or ‘complimentary' medicine, using therapies or treatments such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine or Homeopathy. However, the meaning of the term is not self-evident, depending upon whether we stick to literal meaning or common usage.

Two facts are helpful for clarity and objective thinking:

  1. Not all ‘holistic', complimentary or ‘alternative' medicine is natural, in the strictest meaning of the term. As an example, LASER therapy is not natural but can be very beneficial and exploits natural healing processes.
  2. Poisonous plants, arsenic and snake venom are all natural but may not be very beneficial (depending upon the context). Not all natural things are safe!

Nonetheless, at the AVMC we rejoice in working with Nature as much as possible and we never cease to be amazed by the results of stimulating the body's innate and natural healing capability.

Because of the success of the natural and holistic message in recent years, resonating with people's inevitable return to worthwhile values, instinctively rejecting the empty promises of ‘big pharma' and the commercial, manufacturing and monetary interests of our modern industrialised societies, the words ‘natural', ‘green', ‘holistic' and ‘nature' have become widely exploited by commercial interest. These are designed to lower your guard. Be wary of commercial claims and product names that exploit the terms.

Beware ‘The King's New Clothes'!

The words ‘green', ‘nature', ‘holistic' and ‘natural' are used in such a way as to prevent the listener or reader questioning the material. Do you remember the boy who hadn't been told about the King's New Clothes? Whenever these words are used to support an assertion or a commercial interest, take a really objective look and you might see the real ‘King' behind the illusion, revealing naked commercialism.

AcupunctureHerbs – Herbal medicineHomeopathyHolistic medicineChiropracticBach flowersTissue saltsAromatherapyNatural feeding


Main Treatments offered (see Therapies):

  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Herbal treatment (Phytotherapy)
  • Aromatherapy treatment
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Nutritional advice – Feeding advice
  • LASER treatment
  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Back manipulation – Back treatment
  • Bach Flowers
  • Holistic medicine – Holistic veterinary medicine
  • Flower Essences
  • Tissue Salts
  • Holistic therapy – Holistic treatment – Holistic care
  • Holistic advice
  • Integrated medicine (Integrative medicine)
  • Anthroposophical medicines – Anthroposophy
  • Natural medicine – Alternative medicine – complimentary medicine
  • CAM – CAVM
  • Natural Feeding – Natural Diet

These natural vet approaches to treatment of illness or injury represent a philosophy that is alternative to the current conventional norm but the use of alternative therapies does not do away with the need for a thorough examination and assessment. Nor does it preclude the use of modern diagnostic techniques where necessary. A holistic vet and natural vet will take into account all these things, in addition to closely scrutinizing lifestyle, diet, environment, riding, tack, shoeing, grazing, stabling, management etc., depending upon the species.