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Referrals to the AVMC

The work of the AVMC is mostly referral work, from other veterinary surgeons, with some of our original practice clients still coming for first-line help.

We accept referrals and requests for second opinions for any form of natural therapy and holistic medicine, as practiced at the AVMC and for any species.

In particular, we offer referrals in acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic manipulation, herbal medicine (herbs – herbalism), LASER treatment and nutritional therapy.

All we require for referral is a brief history or a copy of the clinical history and the results of any tests or procedures. A letter is a bonus. After the appointment, we write back to the referring vet, detailing our treatment.

The AVMC has been functioning since 1987 (25 years ago at the time of writing), the first of its kind in the UK. Mr Day has, however, been using natural veterinary medicine for 40 years.

Christopher D is a specialist in Veterinary Homeopathy. He has also acted as examiner for the McTimoney Chiropractic examinations. He has acted as External Assessor for Exeter University/IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture courses. He has written numerous books and articles on various aspects of natural holistic medicine, especially homeopathy and lectures widely, including at veterinary schools.

Each patient that visits the AVMC will receive a holistic assessment and holistic advice, in one of our consulting rooms. When accepting patients, it is helpful if we can receive full history, results of any diagnostic tests and a covering explanatory letter but we have no wish to make formalities stand in the way of our service to veterinary practices. It is obviously vital, however, to have an outline veterinary history, with test results, as a minimum support for the history provided by the client. In order to ensure a client’s place in the waiting list, the Centre will make provisional appointments with clients, strictly conditional upon obtaining a veterinary referral or paperwork.

Horses, farm animals, donkeys, goats etc. are more commonly seen at their home premises. Visits can be arranged anywhere in the UK, including the Channel islands and we have visited in mainland Europe. Dogs and cats in the UK can also be visited in their homes. After seeing the patient, Christopher D will write back to the referring veterinary surgeon, with details of the treatment advised. He will also send details of what conventional input is compatible and what is less likely to be compatible. He does not demand cessation of any drug therapy prior to referral and does not ask clients to cease using medication prescribed by another veterinary surgeon.

Although happier to work without the complication of steroids (cortisone, corticosteroids), Mr Day does not object to taking on referred patients that are on current steroid therapy. He does not demand cessation of any drug input, prior to the appointment. He does not interfere with a prior prescription from a veterinary colleague.

Chris D is always willing to work as part of an animal’s veterinary team and welcomes communication on patients, at any point in their treatment, whether to discuss the patients or any of the therapies. It is clear that any success is the product of cooperative input and not a matter for individual kudos or credit. He subscribes to and abides by the Code of Practice for veterinary homeopathy, as published by the Faculty of Homeopathy and, of course, abides by the Guide to Professional Conduct of the RCVS.

Therapies offered: Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine (herbs, herbalism, phytotherapy), chiropractic manipulation and other natural and holistic therapies.

Referrals accepted: Equine Acupuncture Referrals – Canine Acupuncture Referrals – Feline Acupuncture Referrals – Equine Herbal Referrals – Canine Herbal Referrals – Feline Herbal Referrals – Equine Homeopathy Referrals – Canine Homeopathy Referrals – Feline Homeopathy Referrals

N.B.: We treat any species and may integrate one or more medical systems for a given patient.


The practice offers an ECG service and is in communication with a Cardiology Specialist for more complex interpretations

Video Consultation Service

in support of veterinary colleagues and for the treatment of distant animals unable to travel to AVMC

The AVMC accepts referrals in Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Homeopathy, Veterinary Herbal Medicine, back problems in dogs, back problems in horses, back problems in cats, back problems in all species.

Cases are seen by appointment only.

Added August 2009: It is a source of great disappointment to us at the AVMC, that a minority of professional veterinary colleagues act in an unprofessional and discourteous way when clients try to discuss the possibility of referral for alternative medicine. Whatever their opinions of alternative medicine, usually formed without first-hand experience of the subject, vets are supposed to assist clients with referrals, not obstruct them or give a rude reaction. As most clients who request referrals have already come to the end of the conventional options, it is difficult to see what gives rise to the objection. Pride and financial considerations should not enter into the equation, so we assume these are not the reason (see Prejudice). The fact that there may be a way of helping a distressed and chronically ill patient should be a source of pleasure and interest for the caring veterinary surgeon.

We see animals at the AVMC premises and we regularly visit an area stretching from Wales to London, from Devon to Kent, from South to North Midlands and from Bristol and West Midlands to the Wash and East Anglia. Visits are mainly to see horses but we can also arrange house calls (home visits) for domestic pets. We see many patients from London and visit London homes.

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AVMC – 25 years old in March 2012!

Having used alternative medicine since 1972, Chris established the AVMC as a dedicated Holistic Veterinary practice in March 1987.

With 40 years of experience in the field, Chris is the UK's longest serving homeopathic vet and holistic vet.

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