Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners are Toxic

Chemical air fresheners are toxic. The fumes pervade the atmosphere of the entire home, even if they are only used in the ‘smallest room'. The chemical air-fresheners are usually made from petro-chemicals, which are able to cause toxicity and potentially able to be carcinogenic. The ‘plug-in' electrical type appear to be even more capable of pervading the atmosphere. Some scented candles are also made with petrochemical aromas (fragrances) and some wicks are impregnated with toxic metals (even in so-called ‘natural' candles). The toxicity potential of these things applies to the whole household, including children and adults, not just to the family pet. As usual, the only messages we can put out are ‘buyer beware' and ‘buyer be aware' – check all ingredients, research products in depth and don't buy if uncertain.

I have recently been in touch with ‘Lampe Berger', some of whose ‘air purification' products I suspect to contain chemical aromas (fragrances) and therefore to be irritant to asthma sufferers and those with breathing difficulties (dyspnoea), potentially toxic or even possibly carcinogenic. However, as yet, obtaining hard information on ingredients has been pretty tricky. I am still awaiting promised communication from higher in the company. Every day and week that goes by, without communication, tends further to confirm my anxieties about their fragrance products.

As a homeopathic vet and holistic vet, I cannot recommend the use of any such chemicals in the home or in an animal's environment.

Advice: Always check ingredients. Research products in depth. Often, what is not said on the label can be more revealing than what is said. If you are not clear what the stated ingredients mean, don't buy!

Half a raw onion is a very good natural air freshener, as is pot pourri, made with flower petals and aromatherapy oils.

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