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Man’s best friend can always do with some help. Here are some topics of importance and some areas of difficulty or challenge, discussed with an objective view, in order to help those who wish to do their best for their dogs (click on the required link).

Vaccination Fireworks-Noise Fear Insurance Smoking Cancer
The Ageing Dog Stick & Ball Games Anti-freeze Air-Fresheners Epilepsy
Flea Control Heat Suppression Euthanasia Greyhounds CDRM
Working Dogs Collars, Harnesses etc. Bedding Heart Disease Auto-Immune
Castration Christmas Caution Spaying Paralysis & Disc Disease Nosodes
Nutrition as Therapy Law & Dog Ownership Diets Teeth & Teething Corticosteroid
Easter Warning Ear – Otitis – Canker Chocolate Quarantine Hip Dysplasia
Cushings Disease Easter Caution Dry Eye Grapes Disc Disease
Travel Defaecation Immunotherapy Chemotherapy Summer
Back Pain Rat Poison Feeding

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Natural Feeding of Dogs: (an information-only introduction to natural feeding).


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