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Dog Topics & Issues

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Man’s best friend can always do with some help. Here are some topics of importance and some areas of difficulty or challenge, discussed with an objective view, in order to help those who wish to do their best for their dogs (click on the required link).

VaccinationFireworks-Noise FearInsuranceSmokingCancer
The Ageing DogStick & Ball GamesAnti-freezeAir-FreshenersEpilepsy
Flea ControlHeat SuppressionEuthanasiaGreyhoundsCDRM
Working DogsCollars, Harnesses etc.BeddingHeart DiseaseAuto-Immune
CastrationChristmas CautionSpayingParalysis & Disc DiseaseNosodes
Nutrition as TherapyLaw & Dog OwnershipDietsTeeth & TeethingCorticosteroid
Easter WarningEar – Otitis – CankerChocolateQuarantineHip Dysplasia
Cushings DiseaseEaster CautionDry EyeGrapesDisc Disease
Back PainRat PoisonFeeding

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