Agriculture Issues

Aspects of Agriculture

No ‘civilised’ and ‘urbanised' society can manage without a sound and healthy agricultural industry, as a firm basis to the economy and in order to feed its urban population. This has held true since the very first urban civilisations. It is a tragedy that we have run parts of the UK agriculture industry down so badly, with a concomitant dependence upon imports, upon high investment and upon prodigious agrochemical input. One can hope that change is in the air, some of which is being driven by the consumers and the producers of ‘organic' food and by the forces of common sense. We ignore agriculture at our peril.

If you want to do your bit to reverse the unfortunate trends, patronise your local farmers' market, especially if organic food is sold there.

These pages will look at some of the issues surrounding agriculture in the UK today (click on the required link).

Organic Agriculture Converting to Organic Factory Farming
Fish Farming Intensive Farming Live Exports
Agro-chemicals Artificial Nitrogen Farm Assurance Schemes
Farm Homeopathy
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