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Crystal Therapy in Veterinary Medicine


The practice of crystal therapy (crystal healing) predates history, in much the same way as herbal medicine. Primitive man was in tune with his environment and would have known of the valuable energy of crystals, particularly quartz.

  • The Ancient Egyptians were well-versed in crystal lore. This is evidenced in the great tombs of Ancient Egypt.
  • The ancient Mayans, with their complex culture, probably employed crystals in ritual. Impressive crystal skulls have been discovered but their provenance is the subject of debate.
  • The Ancient Chinese were well aware of crystals, as was the ancient Ayurvedic tradition.
  • The Old and New Testaments refer to crystals.
  • Native North Americans and other so-called ‘primitive’ cultures used them in amulets and talismans

Many ancient stone sites were built on or near geological faults, where rocks undergo great pressures and crystal structures abound. These sites are known for their powerful energetic properties.

[According to traditional mythology, the Atlantean civilisation, made great and formal use of quartz crystals, even in technology. If this is true, it seems that our discovery of crystal radios and of micro-chips, forming the basis of modern electronics, which governs so much of our lives, may be but a re-invention with different applications. There was a brief moment of excitement in early 2009, when it was thought that Atlantis may at last have been discovered on the ocean floor.]

The energy of crystals, unique to each mineral type, is evident in the uniformity, compactness and complexity of the patterns of crystallisation of each one. Only water seems to have a capacity for an indefinite variety of patterns of crystallisation, possibly hence its powers to mediate the effects of homeopathy.

Practical Application

Many different crystals are used in crystal therapy, the most common being quartz and its multitude of varieties. It is said that one feels ‘drawn’ to a crystal that is of personal value. Certainly, animals appear to select crystals, given a choice.

Silica, having the formula SiO2 and being commonly used in crystal healing, comes in a large array of recognisable varieties. Flint, various forms of Chalcedony (e.g. Carnelian, Sard, Chrysoprase, Jasper), Chert, many varieties of Agate, Amethyst, Opal, Onyx, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Milky Quartz and Clear Quartz (Rock Crystal) are all varieties and there are many others. Is it any wonder that homeopathic quartz (Silica) is such a powerful, strengthening and ‘awakening’ remedy?
Crystal therapy can be used on a wide variety of bases, crossing over with e.g. colour therapy, healing and the use of auras and chakras. Many crystals have more specific benefits attributed to them.

A few examples are given here, with extracts of their reputed properties, to illustrate this point:

Amazonite: strengthens all body energy processes, including the brain. It can therefore amplify the effects of other crystals or other therapies, especially at the psychological level. It is green in colour.

Amethyst: tunes the endocrine system and metabolism, aids elimination and is reputed to help hearing – helps ward off geopathic stress.

Aventurine: supports metabolism, esp. with respect to cholesterol; anti-inflammatory, supports connective tissue and the vascular system and aids skin healing.

Citrine quartz: has powers to aid liver and kidneys, the elimination portals of the body.

Malachite: it is said to be of use in cramps, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy and fractures; may also aid the birth process. It is a copper ore.

Moonstone: a translucent colourless or lightly-hued stone, which enables balancing and control of emotions, removing the need to react to them.

Opal: a quartz derivative, which has healing of eye problems attributed to it (image shows opal in ferruginous rock).

Rose quartz: acts on the heart chakra, enabling the surmounting of negative past experiences.

Smithsonite: supports the immune system, aids in sinus and digestive disorders and harmonises difficult situations and relationships. It is a zinc ore.

Smoky quartz: helpful where geopathic stress and ‘electromagnetic smog' may be exerting negative influences on health. It may also help support the body during radiotherapy.

Sunstone: supports the autonomic nervous system and may help in cases of gastric ulceration and ‘seasonal affected disorder'.

After suitable preparation, crystals can be put in the drinking water bowl (ceramic, stoneware or china) or hung in a pouch on a collar. They may be put in a room, bed or stable. They can be used to dissipate geopathic stress, by inserting them at appropriate locations in a property. They can be held to an affected part of the body. They can be used in massage. Instinct can drive a user to any mode of application.

The Law

The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 restricts the treatment of animals (other than your own) by anyone other than a fully qualified vet. The ‘lay’ use of crystals in therapy is not controlled by this law, unless there is an attempt at ‘diagnosis’.

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