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Q. Will my horse (or pony, dog, cat, donkey, goat etc.) accept the treatment?

A. Bach Flowers or the use of ‘flower essences' is energy medicine, using specially-prepared extracts that harness the innate energy of the parent material. In this aspect, it bears some similarity to homeopathy but the method of preparation is very different, as is the mode of use. The medicines are generally well-accepted by animals. Animals appear to have an instinctive ability to perceive what may be helpful to them.

Q. What conditions/diseases can be helped by aromatherapy?

A. A wide spectrum of disease can be treated using bach flowers, usually accessing healing via emotional pathways, more than the physical. More information is provided on the Bach Flowers page of this web site.

Q. What sort of cost can I expect?

A. It is always difficult to compare costs across different treatments but, in general, successful treatments are very cost-effective. The AVMC's charges are usually time-based; detailed estimates of cost can be requested from our office (contact details).

Q. Will my insurance pay?

A. Most insurance policies allow for Bach Flowers to be used on your animal. However, some will try to marginalise it under ‘complimentary or alternative treatments'. This can result in reduced benefit. This appears to the AVMC to be a travesty, since the treatment is performed by a vet and should be handled under general veterinary cover. Bach Flower treatment by a non-vet is illegal in the UK and should not be covered anyway.

Q. What is the legal position regarding Bach Flower treatment for animals?

A. The relevant legislation is the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. Bach Flower treatments can only be performed on animals by a qualified veterinary surgeon.

Q. Can Bach Flowers be integrated with other therapies?

A. Bach Flowers will not adversely or dangerously interact with other therapies. However, the opposite is not the case and certain drug medicines may counteract the benefit of Bach Flowers.

Q. Is it safe?

A. There are no known dangers associated with the use of Bach Flowers.

Q. Are there side effects?

A. The simple answer is “No”. The medicines operate as a stimulus to the body's own healing processes, rather than attempting to make the alterations more directly, as happens with drugs, herbs and aromatherapy. Side effects result from the body's reaction to drug medicine whereas the body's reaction to flower essences is a healing response.

See also: Bach Flowers

If you have questions not answered here, please let us know (contact details)

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