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Natural medicine affords many opportunities for the caring ‘owner' to provide first-aid support for an ill, injured or frightened animal. The medicines are, by and large and with only a very few exceptions, extremely safe to use. First-aid application of a great many remedies, whether homeopathic, herbal or other, is relatively easy and quick to learn.

Home-administered remedies will only very rarely impact adversely on existing or subsequent veterinary treatments. Herbal medicines might do so, so they should be used cautiously. Homeopathic, Bach and Schuessler remedies cannot do so. As a result, they can be given while you decide whether to call a vet or even, in real emergencies, while you await a vet, completely without fear of interfering with the vet's chosen treatment.

The medicines are, for the most part, readily available through pharmacies, health retailers and sympathetic veterinary surgeons.

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