Homeopathy for Fish

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Over the years it has been our pleasure to attend to fish of various types, on occasions, from goldfish in bowls to precious carp collections, tropical fish and fish farms, for homeopathic treatment. While there may be practical challenges presented for homeopathy by the circumstance of fish being aquatic, the principles of medicine are identical in these creatures, to the principles used in all other (terrestrial or flying) species.

N.B.: Fish kept in collections, whether domestic or zoological collections, should be given as rich an environment as possible, for basic welfare reasons. We commit a serious error if we do not consider them to be sentient creatures. They feel pain, have a memory and communicate with each other.

If the water system in which they swim is an enclosed one, (e.g. tank or bowl), treatment via their water is a simple and practical process. However, real challenges are presented by fish in open water (some fish farms, some domestic collections). In these cases, it may be practical (depending upon numbers and the lay-out of their environment) to restrain the fish in an enclosed container, for a short while, while they receive their medication.

Because the principles are alike, in all species, it stands to reason that the use of homeopathy and other natural therapies does not rule out the need for a proper examination and assessment of each patient (conditions allowing), necessary diagnostic tests, appropriate measures to repair injury and a study of natural lifestyle and diet (special to each species or type), in order to be able to speed recovery. We have enjoyed a good measure of success through this methodology, seeing, as in other species, recoveries from diseases usually associated with a poor prognosis in conventional terms and wisdom.

Fish of all types are amenable to treatment, provided that delivery of the medicine is practical and feasible. Trout, salmon,  farmed fish of all types, carp, koi (koi carp), goldfish, ornamental fish and tropical fish can be treated.

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If we are asked to help with fish, while the only promises that can be made are that we will always concentrate and put in maximum effort on the animal’s behalf, and strive for excellence in the application of natural medicine techniques, we can report an encouraging level of success in such troublesome and chronic conditions. A great many creatures have surprised us with their ability to defy prognosis and recover. Follow a full holistic program and rely on the animal’s innate healing ability.

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