Political Issues

Political Issues that impinge on Animals & their Welfare

Every field of endeavour suffers politics. It is no less so both for Natural Medicine and for Veterinary Medicine. It is easy to find oneself thinking that there are times when politics take over and become the main focus, with the important issues (and common sense) missing out in the process. History repeats itself. These pages air some political issues of importance to animals and their welfare (click on the required link).

“In Politics, what begins with fear usually ends in folly”

Coleridge – 1830

“Practical politics consists in ignoring facts”

Adams (1838 – 1918)

“They politics like ours profess,
The greater prey upon the less”

Matthew Green (1696 – 1737)

Prejudice against Homeopathy Homeopathic Politics RSPCA

Proposals for Compulsory Microchipping of dogs in the UK


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