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Alternative Vet

Phytotherapy vet at work at the AVMC

Holistic Vet – Homeopathic Vet – Acupuncture Vet – Herbal Vet – Natural Vet

Christopher D has been working in the field of Natural Medicine for over 40 years. Herbal medicine (phytotherapy) is integrated into individualised therapeutic programs for many patients.

Variously called HERBS, HERBAL MEDICINE, HERBALISM or PHYTOTHERAPY, we offer herb medicine for our animal patients. We use mostly indigenous ‘Western Herbs', as they are the natural medical background to our native animals. We also avoid herbal preparations that have been adulterated (e.g. by identification, extraction and purification of so-called ‘active ingredients').

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The AVMC is a centre of excellence for homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs (herbal medicine), chiropractic manipulation, natural feeding and other alternative therapies.

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