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What is it?

Anti-freeze is Ethylene Glycol. It is added to the coolant of water-cooled motor engines, to prevent freezing in the Winter. It is very sweet, hence its infamous use in some wines in the latter part of the 20th Century.

This sweetness is very attractive to dogs (and sometimes cats), despite its severe toxicity, so they will drink it if puddles are left in the roadside gutter, in the driveway or in the garage, after draining a vehicle radiator. This warning is particularly important for do-it-yourself or hobby car mechanics, for those vehicle workshops that have cats or dogs about the premises and for those who keep pets on housing estates, where roadside maintenance by neighbours is commonplace.

What does it do?

Animals who take in anti-freeze are liable to develop severe kidney problems. This is potentially fatal. You are advised to consult a veterinary surgeon immediately. Homeopathy is happily able to offer an extra chance of recovery. As a homeopathic vet, I am asked to deal with such poisonings.

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