Back Problems Dogs & Cats

Back Problems

in Dogs and Cats

An Introduction

Back problems and back pain form a large proportion of our work, in all species. Dogs lead very varied lives and they are prone to wear and tear back injury, as well as being as prone to slipping, falling and occasional uncoordinated movements as any other animal. Many dogs also become involved in sporting activity. Back problems and back pain can be quite disabling and back treatment is an especial interest of ours (see, providing an alternative to the drug approach. Of course, disc prolapse is especially disabling, often to the point of paralysis.

In natural medicine, we have been privileged to have treated a great many back cases, whether back pain, back injury, spondylosis or prolapsed disc, over the years. We use various therapies, including acupuncture, homeopathy, laser, acupuncture by laser (laser acupuncture), chiropractic manipulation, massage, sometimes singly and sometimes in an integrated combination. Of course, not all cases can be sorted but happily, there has been a positive outcome in the majority. Disc injury and paralysis have been especially rewarding, contrary to the view of prognosis that is often offered. Depending upon the nature of the problem and the lifestyle of the dog or cat, ongoing attention may be required for some cases, to keep them in ‘working order'.

Treatment options used, often combined, have been veterinary homeopathy, veterinary acupuncture, LASER, herbs (herbal medicine), chiropractic and natural feeding.

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