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There have clearly been problems with food from China, which also spill over into the food from Western manufacturers who source ingredients in China. This issue of harmful and illegal ingredients is one very important aspect. There are, furthermore, a great many products without explicit labelling (e.g. ‘hide chews') and the generic labelling of pet food ingredients, that is permissible in law, can be very economical with detail and specificity. The only way for a buyer to avoid risks is not to buy manufactured food but to buy fresh ingredients of known quality.

Another issue is that of general health promotion. I firmly believe that processed food is not as good for pets as fresh food (preferably organic). Furthermore, I believe that no manufactured item replaces the essential role in tooth and gum health that is played by lumps of raw meat, that a dog has to chew, or raw joint/knuckle bones for the same purpose.

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