Animals in Circuses

We have a short and simple message for those who care about animal welfare and the humane treatment of animals:

DON’T visit circuses that display animals.

The money that you pay goes to perpetuating the practice. The short-term gain of whiling away some happy hours, amusing children, is overwhelmingly offset by the welfare toll it exacts. It also desensitises our children to the exploitation, mistreatment and demeaning of captive animals. It gives them the wrong message, which may, in turn, pass down generations, as it has for so long in the past. This is quite apart from the less-than-ideal living conditions and lifestyle that are inflicted on the unfortunate creatures and potentially cruel training methods.

There are circuses that display only the spectacle of human acts, revelling in the imagination, skill and daring of the artists, offering a real and exciting alternative to animal exploitation. We recommend readers to patronise those in preference.

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