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An Introduction

This condition is very disabling for the horse and worrying for the ‘owner'. It is the name given to partial obstruction of airways by allergic-type reactions (allergy) in the bronchi and bronchioles. Synonyms are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heaves and broken wind. Pollens and hay moulds (or straw moulds) can act as allergens that trigger the problem.

In natural medicine, we have been privileged to have treated a great many COPD cases, over the years. In the majority of these, symptoms and signs appear either to have been well-controlled or even abolished.

We try to find an alternative to conventional bronchodilator therapy. Treatment options used, often combined, have been veterinary homeopathy, herbs, chiropractic and natural feeding. Veterinary acupuncture may also help.

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Horse Diseases – COPD

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