Farm Management & Nutrition

Management of Farm Animals & their Feeding

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Christopher D. has made a lifelong study of veterinary medicine, in a farm context. In childhood, he kept goats, milking cows, pigs, a flock of sheep and numerous poultry. Apart from studying Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge, he also studied the Part I & Part II Agricultural Sciences Tripos at the same university. He has enjoyed thirty-five years of experience of routine health control visits, to farms of all types, preferring where possible to control disease through management and feeding, rather than ‘fire-brigade’ medical intervention.

Management and Nutrition have been an abiding interest, particularly with respect to disease and welfare control.

The AVMC offers a comprehensive service to farms, taking a holistic overview of the enterprise, including an in-depth study of macro- and micro-nutrient intakes, pasture management, silage-making, milking techniques, milking machinery, breeding policy etc., as applies to overall animal health on the farm.

A great many disease and productivity situations can be overcome by this approach, before having to resort to conventional medicine or natural medicine. The ultimate theoretical goal is always to do away with the need for medicine of any type or creed, in recognition of the positive health status of the animals and enterprise. This is achievable often to a surprising extent.

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