Fish Farming

The Hazards of Fish Farming

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This page will only supply a summary of our informed opinion of the current fish-farming industry, after objective examination:


  • Large numbers of fish penned in small volumes of water.
  • Pollution of the environment with an over-concentration of excreta.
  • Pollution of the environment with protein waste from uneaten food.
  • Pollution of the environment with insecticidal chemicals.
  • Feeding pink colourants (for salmon, freshwater trout and prawns), to give the flesh its pink colour.
  • Recycling of waste fish products into fish food, concentrating the accumulated toxins and multiplying disease risks.
  • Prevalence of a high level of disease and deformity.
  • Obliteration of ‘wild’ areas.
  • The use of GM fish.
  • The escape of GM fish into the wild.
  • The destruction and near extinction of wild salmon (e.g.).
  • The marketing of farmed fish for consumers, with toxic contaminants.
  • The annihilation of the traditional salmon (e.g.) industry.


  • Nil so far

From all this, one might gather that the AVMC does not encourage fish farming. However, we are very willing to treat the fish involved, should they succumb to illness and disease. Homeopathy is able to help with most diseases and is a very practical form of medication for fish that are enclosed in a tank or other container.

We have a page on fish.

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