Flood Pics 2007

The unprecedented floods of July 2007

On the Friday, it rained …. and rained …. and rained. The flood waters rose to unprecedented levels. The floods beat all previous winter floods – and this was summer.

On the Saturday, the River Ock had burst its banks and we could not access the field where our cattle had been grazing, nor could we see them. Rather than leave things to chance, we took to a kayak and here are the pictures:

On Saturday, we were able to glide safely over fences and hedges! On the Sunday, the floods had fallen a good 12 inches but were still up to the tops of the fence posts, on the part of the field that normally floods each winter, the highest in my lifetime (so far).

By the way, the cattle were fine – we need not have worried! Luckily, the paddock arrangement had allowed them to find higher ground, well clear of the unprecedented floods.

Moral: don't confine animals to flood plains. Thankfully, ours were not confined to the low ground.

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