Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Foie Gras is the product of systematic cruelty. Geese (or more commonly ducks) are confined and literally stuffed with food (gavage) to create the extreme fatty liver that is such a ‘prized' food commodity.

I am sure that the friendly local delicatessen would not want to stock such cruel products if it knew the score. Firstly, please don't buy foie gras. Secondly, don't choose it in restaurants. Thirdly, tell any retailer or restaurant where you see it that it is the product of systematic animal cruelty.

In France, the home of foie gras where some 80% of foie gras is produced, it is no longer the artisan backyard industry that it once was; it is industrialised and mechanised. If travelling in France, do not be tempted to try foie gras and please do tell restaurateurs why you will not eat it.

The Perigord (Dordogne) region is the acknowledged gastronomic centre of foie gras culture. Gastronomy was never more shameful.

In these days of EU labelling laws, I'm surprised that containers of foie gras do not have to be labelled with a notice to highlight the cruelty involved.

Thankfully, foie gras production is not allowed in Britain.

Toulouse geese or Mulard ducks are the commonest birds used in this industry.

To learn more, see:

Viva! has produced a very expressive video, entitled “The Wonderful World of Gavage“:      I shall allow it to speak for itself.

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