Fur Farming

Fashionable fur coats and clothing embellishments are an expression of human vanity, in the Western world, not a matter of necessity (this argument does not apply to arctic regions).

Farming fur-bearing animals or trapping wild specimens, for their gruesome harvest, is still a reality, despite the veneer of civilisation which we like to embrace. To those who believe that this trade should cease, fur looks good on the animal that wears it in nature. It looks obscene on a human, who wears it for vanity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is not absolute.

The level of suffering, whether in wild animals or farmed animals, is not widely understood. It is difficult to find any reason for this practice, apart from simple whim. That would seem to be an entirely frivolous justification for inflicting pain and suffering on animals, on this horrifying scale. All who support the wearing of fur items should visit fur farms, witness the effect of trapping on wild fur-bearing animals and witness the skinning of the hapless creatures.

Gone are the days when man had to exploit animals to survive. Urbanised Western mankind has no need of this grisly trade and has no need of its products.

Bear, otter, ermine, fox, rabbit, chinchilla, mink and beaver have all been killed for their fur and for our vanity.

Opinions expressed are those of Christopher D, not necessarily those of any organisation to which he belongs or in which he holds office.

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