Garden Chemicals

Garden Chemicals

An ‘English garden' is often a source of great joy, pride, recreation and pleasure. It is wonderful what man can do, with Nature's help [of course it doesn't just apply to England!].

However, we must offer a note of caution, when it comes to ‘helping' Nature with garden chemicals. Some of these are downright dangerous to man and animals, some less so but none of the manufactured chemicals is really fully without health or environmental risks. Because commerce is less than frank, it is not enough to rely on labelling that suggests that chemicals are ‘livestock-safe' or ‘pet-friendly'.

At the AVMC, we believe that it is safest to ‘go organic‘ (or even biodynamic) when nurturing the garden, so that all is completely safe for the family (including babies and toddlers), for pets, for livestock and for wildlife. It just isn't worth the risk, to do otherwise. If we're discussing vegetable plots, it applies even more so.

It is quite remarkable what can be achieved without the plethora of modern garden chemicals available on the garden centre shelves. It isn't even difficult, with a bit of shrewd researching and networking. There is no need to have a shabby garden, just because you refuse chemicals. The birds, bees, ladybirds, moths, butterflies etc. will all appreciate it too, to your eternal delight.

Some clients report that garden contractors come in and use things that are not explained or itemised to the ‘owner', whether for lawn or flower beds. In such cases, we recommend tactful, frank and open discussions, taking nothing for granted. After all, you're paying.

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