Hack Attack July 09


now seems to be successfully resolved

Sept '09

(until the next attack)


Sad – Childish – Stupid – Unprincipled – Criminal

This website was the subject of a malicious hacking attack, whereby a virus was injected into it, during the afternoon of 30th July 2009.

Unfortunately, we were attacked again on 14th August 2009. We believe we have again cleared the problem but we are sorry for anyone whose computer has been infected by these idiotic tricks. I suppose it is an attack on freedom of speech and on free enterprise. We shall see if these sick attacks go on. We believe them to be criminal and to show to what lengths the anti-homeopathy lobby is prepared to go in its perverse quest.

P.S.: These attacks persisted with increasing frequency until the Autumn, stopping only after some strenuous efforts on our behalf to prevent access.

Why we believe this to have been malicious and targeted is because it affected particularly homeopathic pages and the definitive ‘Homeopathy' page was illegally removed entirely from the site! No random attack, designed to infiltrate a virus around the web, would have done this specific action and homeopathy has been the target of venomous and rabid attacks in recent times. Veterinary homeopathy is also currently under concerted attack with unscientific ranting and manipulative behind-the-scenes politics. Nothing would please certain people more than to have homeopathy disappear completely and that is clearly their eventual intent.

If our suspicions are correct, this is the work of some sick individual or organisation that wishes to suppress homeopathy, block free speech and to prevent freedom of choice for clients and their ill animals. Google, of course, responded by preventing access to our site through Google searches, which was presumably the intention of the sad perpetrator(s). Normal Google service resumed 31.07.09.

Of course, some of these individuals have put unpleasant stuff onto the internet but I shall not publish the urls. They are best left to crawl around in muck of their own making.

We apologise to anyone who who might have been affected by this contamination and we hope the situation is now fully rectified. Precautions have been taken, hopefully to prevent recurrence.

See also: Prejudice

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