Any drug or medicine that has a direct influence on the way the immune system functions is termed immunotherapy. A common form of immunotherapy is the desensitising (hyposensitising) vaccine used in allergy. Vaccination is also immunotherapy, as is chemotherapy. Immune suppression, e.g. in organ transplant procedures and in the treatment of autoimmune disorders is another form immunotherapy.

At the AVMC, we are uncertain of the safety of these procedures. We are nervous of anything that directly interferes with immune function, since the consequences are not predictable. While not rejecting such treatment options out of hand, we would always try to seek an alternative approach, before committing a patient to such methods.

In the case of desensitising immunotherapy injections, the efficacy is questionable and we believe it may just ‘exhaust' the immune response. If that is true, then it would certainly be a hazardous route to follow.

As a result of experience and observation, we prefer the natural medicine route, in the face of immune mediated and autoimmune disease.

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