Lectures etc.

Lecturing Service

Apart from his specialist teaching commitments, Mr D provides a lecturing service on many topics and areas of interest, relevant to this site's work.

Topics of previous lectures include:

  • Veterinary Homeopathy (dogs, cats, horses and ponies)
  • Veterinary Acupuncture (dogs, cats, horses and ponies)
  • Veterinary Herbal Medicine (Herbs, Phytotherapy) (dogs, cats, horses and ponies)
  • Holistic Medicine for Animals (dogs, cats, horses and ponies)
  • Animal Welfare
  • Laboratory Animal Experimentation (Vivisection)
  • Horse Pasture Management and Ecology (Equine Pasture Management)
  • Pasture Management for Health
  • Animal Management
  • Farm Management
  • Farm Homeopathy (Homeopathy on the Farm)
  • Epilepsy
  • Vaccination
  • Nutrition
  • Natural Feeding (Dogs, Horses,  Ponies, Cats, Farm)
  • First Aid
  • Natural Medicine / Alternative Medicine

Mr D has many lecturing and teaching engagements. Forthcoming events will be posted here, if there is sufficient notice, if we have time to do so and if they are likely to be of interest to site visitors.

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