Local Attractions

Local Places of Interest

If you travel from a distance, you may wish to see some of our local sites, before or after your holistic vet appointment. There's some wonderful dog-walking country nearby.

Some suggestions for you, within easy reach of AVMC:

Oxford, Abingdon, Faringdon, Great Coxwell, Shrivenham, Lechlade, Radcot,

Bampton, Buscot Park (NT), Buckland House,

Stanford in the Vale, Wantage, White Horse Hill,

Swindon Steam Museum, Didcot Railway Museum

Pendon Museum at Long Wittenham, Vale & Downland Museum at Wantage

N.B.: many images are of reduced quality, for speedier downloading – please ask if interested in better quality.

Unless otherwise stated, photographs are the copyright of Chris D.

We are situated in the picturesque Vale of the White Horse, which stretches from Abingdon to Shrivenham, beneath the rolling Downs.

Geological note: The Vale of White Horse is a hanging valley with successive bands of Cretaceous and Jurassic strata held beneath the Cretaceous chalk hills (White Horse Hills) by the Jurassic limestone ridge, which runs from Faringdon to Oxford. The scarp face of the limestone ridge drops down to the Thames Valley throughout its length. The Vale is drained by the River Ock, which flows into the River Thames at Abingdon.

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