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We are willing to help with any enquiries on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, natural medicine, complimentary medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, natural feeding, natural diets etc. for animals of all species and type.

Many videos, Radio and TV programs, newspaper items and magazine articles etc. have featured the work of the AVMC. We might be able to post anticipated media ‘appearances' on this page, assuming we have adequate notice and have the time to do so.

Saturday 4th August 2007 Your Dog magazine has just published an item, under its ‘Head to Head' heading: “What's on the Menu?” page 98, September issue. Christopher D of the AVMC and Dr Monica L from IAMS External Relations offer their opposing opinions. I quote from the ‘Products‘ page of this website: “As with any walk of life, it is not wise to seek the advice of those who will directly benefit from that advice.” The text of the AVMC argument will be published on this website, at some time after the October issue of the magazine has appeared. Meanwhile, there is comment on my BLOG(‘Head to Head on Dog Diets').
Friday 20th August 2007 Recording for a Video/DVD, on the subject of vaccination problems (vaccinosis) and other canine issues.

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