Fireworks, Thunder

Fireworks, Guns and Noise Fear

When an animal suffers noise fear, especially at such times as Guy Fawkes Night (5th November) and New Year's Eve, it can go through hell. Furthermore, the human companion suffers, too, in that the feeling of helplessness when seeing the animal suffer is a very painful emotion. Thunder storms are another challenge. Border Collies can be particularly prone to this problem and sometimes find walks very difficult, especially in the shooting season or when gas-fired ‘crow-scarers' are set up on arable land.

Wildlife creatures will also suffer noise fear. Please be mindful of that when participating in noisy outdoor activities.

Homeopathy, Hebs, Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy may each play a part in providing varying degrees of relief from this most unpleasant situation.

In brief, remedies that may help are:

Homeopathy: Aconitum, Borax, Natrum carbonicum, Phosphorus, Rhododendron, Theridion.

Herbs: Hops, Lavender, Skullcap, Valerian.

Bach Flowers: Mimulus, Rescue Remedy, Vervain.

Aromatherapy: Chamomile, Lavender.

If you plan to have a firework display at home, think very carefully before going ahead. How large is the property upon which you plan to hold the event? How close are animals, that may be frightened or injured because of the event? What will you do to protect your own animals? Have you discussed the plans with neighbours, particularly with regard to animals. We are living in a crowded country and have a collective responsibility to one another and to the animals our society keeps. Do you need the very noisy fireworks? Could you, instead, attend a public display?

N.B.: If you build a bonfire in advance of Guy Fawkes Night, it will quickly be colonised by creatures seeking shelter ahead of the winter. Hedgehogs, toads and small rodents are known for this. When you light your bonfire . . .

We suggest that it is safer to build a bonfire on the day, to prevent this. A stack can be prepared in advance, close by, and moved to the bonfire site on the day.

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