Pet Passports

Pet Passports for European Travel

While welcoming the relaxation of quarantine rules, which were very hard indeed on imported animals, the AVMC cannot advocate taking animals abroad for holidays, on account of the need for Pet Passports and the stringent vaccination and other chemical regimens that are required under the scheme. While we fully understand the wish of the authorities to safeguard themselves in this way and the ‘owners' who wish their animals to enjoy foreign trips, the potential for harm to the immune integrity and health of the target animals, in our opinion, outweighs the good.

While the assertion that vaccination can be harmful is generally not well-received and often dismissed, there is a disease acknowledged to result from a specific vaccine: Rabies Vaccine Induced Ischaemic Dermatopathy. If one such disease can be accepted, it is not difficult to open one's mind to the possibility of more.

If it is deemed vital to go ahead anyway, we have homeopathic methods to lessen the impact of the vaccination and chemicals

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