Press Release 6 BMA war on Homeopathy


BMA oversteps the mark

Brighton Conference 2010 motion to abolish homeopathy on the NHS

29th June 2010 — We shall keep posting articles to Chris D's Blog, in order to keep up with events, offering opinions and information in a way that is not really appropriate for our major web site.

The BMA Annual Conference in Brighton carried a motion to withdraw NHS funding from homeopathic treatments. There was a second strand, suggesting Pharmacists should be compelled to place homeopathic medicines on shelves labelled ‘placebo'.

Happily, an amazing 25% voted against the motion, which is a huge proportion that should be well noted by the BMA moguls.

Why do doctors feel able to ignore patient choice? Why do they choose to ignore published science? Why will they not perform the first necessary step in scientific procedures, that of observation? Why do they act so arrogantly, when so much disease (and NHS expense) is actually caused by drugs prescribed by doctors (iatrogenesisside effects)? What would the bill be if all those poor victims were to sue? How do they manage to forget that the BMJ published a report showing that only some 20% of medical interventions had an evidence base? How do they manage to sweep under the carpet so many successes of homeopathy when conventional drugs have failed? What do they stand to gain or of what are they frightened?

Why, anyway, does anyone listen to junior doctors, who have yet to earn medical experience and patient respect?

Patients, doctors and homeopaths demonstrated outside the Brighton Centre against this outrage. I was there – my first ever participation in a political protest demonstration at my tender age!

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